"I just wanted to place on record how much your presentation on life as a Fleet Air Arm pilot was enjoyed by the audience last night. It was informative, highly entertaining and successfully captured the whole ethos of the senior service. For me personally it brought back many happy memories of my upbringing in the home of Grey Funnel Line. Many thanks and best wishes to you and yours."

Mel Porter, Chairman, Christchurch Branch, Raes

"Kim Sharman was a welcome speaker that Air ACES had this month, giving an exceptional insight into ‘A Day in the Life of a 747 Pilot’. He expertly combined his depth of knowledge and experience with the ability to tell the story in an interesting and at times very amusing way.

The graphics & films added to this great presentation. The large audience was kept fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the evening."

David Batcock, Chairman, Arun & Chichester (Air) Enthusiasts Society

"I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Christchurch Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, to thank you most sincerely for the splendid lecture that you gave us entitled “A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot”.

Your talk was informative, educational and entertaining, and was very much enjoyed by those fortunate to attend. I am confident that we all now have a much better appreciation of what goes on “up-front” when we travel on business or pleasure."

Roger Starling, Hon Sec, Christchurch Branch, Raes                 

"I write to thank you for taking the time to come and give an inspiring presentation to my Recruits about the Royal Naval Division. The feedback I have received is that your presentation was extremely well received and the Recruits have stated just how important they think this is to their training and induction into the Senior Service.

Again, my warmest thanks for the informative, instructive but, most of all, human light that you shone on these near forgotten matelots. It was an experience that has set the tone for the year to come, and underlined the importance of our organisational and cultural memory in defining who we are."

Captain R Fancy, Dartmouth Naval College  

"It was a pleasure to welcome you back to the Britannia Royal Naval College and I wanted to thank you for travelling down last week to deliver your lecture on the Royal Naval Division. The Officer Cadets thoroughly enjoyed what was an informative and lively talk on, sadly, one of the least remembered branches of our Service. The lecture was even more poignant considering that this will be the centenary year of the outbreak of the First World War and, therefore, the formation of the RND.

Once again, my thanks for not only coming to speak with the young men and women here at BRNC, but also for your efforts in helping to keep the name of the RND alive and relevant."

Captain D Rogers, BRNC, Dartmouth.   

"Kim lectured recently at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, and was impressive with his content and style of presentation. The talk was fluid, amusing and informed. Kim knew his subject well and he kept the attention of the audience throughout with his stories of Naval Aviation. I shall be delighted to welcome Kim back in the near future for another of his lectures and I recommend him as a Speaker."

Barbara Gilbert, Archivist, Fleet Air Arm Museum.  

Comments on my talk to the Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum in April 2015: "How the Royal Navy helped to win the Battle of Britain."

"Now I have to say that I was expecting a talk about specific Fleet Air Arm squadrons and aircrew and their part in the Battle of Britain. However, Kim Sharman offered us a different take on the subject, focusing not so much on individual detail, but instead setting out the broader picture and how different the German invasion plans might have been were it not for the presence of the Royal Navy.

Kim has salt water in his veins. Before becoming a Boeing 747 Captain in the Far East, he was a fighter pilot with 899 Squadron flying Sea Vixens (he has interesting and slightly nerve tingling views on that aircraft).

A good, well-illustrated and interesting talk by a much practiced speaker. Thank you Kim.”

Robert Heath, Contributor, Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum Magazine.  

"Kim gave his very polished presentation on the history of the Royal Naval Division to an audience of nearly 100 members of the Royal Signals Institution based at Blandford Camp. The camp is now the home of the Royal Corps of Signals but in 1914 it was the home of the RND. Kim was able to adapt his presentation to make it very relevant to the audience; they thoroughly enjoyed the whole presentation and he had them spell-bound. Kim is a very confident speaker with a well-polished audio-visual presentation; his talk is full of great anecdotes which helped bring the whole RND story to life to a mixed-age audience ranging from 20 and 70+. I would heartily recommend Kim to anyone looking to find a speaker to captivate an audience."

Lt Col Nigel Harrison, Royal Signals Institution. 

“Kim gave his talk about the Royal Naval Division at our 40th Anniversary Dinner. The Members were unaware of the topic (expecting something to do with Rotary!) but it is safe to say that they were fascinated and moved by his beautifully prepared presentation and the passion with which he presented it. I can thoroughly recommend him."

Jill Thomas, President, The Rotary Club of the Deepings.   

“Kim Sharman’s talk today to the University of the Third Age Devizes Aviation History Group provided a detailed, fascinating and amusing insight into the formation of BOAC. Very well illustrated with photos and graphics, his presentation thoroughly satisfied his discerning audience.”

Tony Carter, Lecture Co-ordinator, Devizes U3A.   

"Kim’s presentation on his experiences with the Sea Vixen during the Cold War achieved that clever balance of anecdote, humour and fact all supported by excellent contemporary photos and video. A lively and amusing question and answer session completed an entertaining and well attended evening and we look forward to Kim’s return on a another subject in the near future."

Terry Giles, Lecture Co-ordinator, Bishops Waltham Aviation Group.   

Kim is an accomplished and professional lecturer. His lectures are thoroughly researched, beautifully illustrated, totally fascinating and delivered with style, humour and empathy. Kim filled our Conference Room to full capacity and we look forward to his next lecture at our Organisation.’

Hugh Sillett, Special Events Manager, Boscombe Down Aviation Collection.

“Captain Sharman has lectured on many occasions on Cunard and has continually impressed my colleagues and I with the professionalism and content of his Lectures. Coupled with a natural style of delivery, he is exactly what the guests want in a Lecturer and his scores reflect that.

He is always welcome, and I look forward to working with him again.”

Cruise Director, M/S Braemar, Fred Olsen

"First time with Fred Olsen Cruises, very confident speaker with good, clear digital presentations. Nice talks, delivered well."

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