My Fee for lecturing is a minimum of £ 3 numbers (!) plus round trip mileage @ 45p / mile (the Government recommended rate)

If the venue is more than 60 miles (as determined by Google Maps) from Pewsey in Wiltshire, I would need accommodation for the night to a standard of a Holiday or Premier Inn. I don't want to be driving home at night for over an hour in the winter months! 

Note that I can get a slight discount at a Holiday Inn. Overnight accommodation is not necessary for a lunch time meeting.

As always, there is a degree of flexibility in these arrangements - especially for a new audience. There is no lecture fee for Military Organisations.

All my Lectures are of either 45 or 70 minutes duration (your choice) - apart from "Sailors in the Trenches" which lasts for approximatvely 65 minutes and is very emotional.

"A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot" can be presented in one part and lasts for 75 minutes.

1. Better On A Camel

The story of the creation of BOAC from a mass of small British companies between the wars. How the British Empire became connected using primitive aircraft, and flying into the unknown - the 1920s equivalent of landing on the moon for the first time! And it all started with clotted cream!

2. A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot

2a: Preflight to the cruise             

Have you ever wondered just how such a huge beast as the 747 actually manages to fly, navigate to the other side of the world and then land in fog? This lecture starts to tell that story, sprinkled with some airline stories and video.

2b: From the cruise to the Arrival gate

The flight has settled down in the cruise. This second lecture explains the process of getting the aircraft to its’ destination, avoiding weather and other potential pitfalls. It includes film of a landing at the legendary Hong Kong Kai Tak airport.

4. The Jumbo that nearly ate Seattle

Boeing took a massive gamble developing the 747 and it nearly broke the company. The 747 was the largest passenger aircraft in the world with a brand new type of engine. Locally it is well known that if Boeing sneezes - Seattle catches a cold! It didn’t, but it was a close run thing!

5. The Life of a Fleet Air Arm Pilot in the Cold War

This is the story of Naval Aviation in the 1960s, before the advent of vertical takeoff and landing. A period when the Royal Navy last operated fixed wing aircraft carriers with catapults and arrester wires. It vividly illustrates why there are old naval pilots, and bold naval pilots - but not many old and bold ones!

6. How the Royal Navy inadvertently planned Pearl Harbor

Using ancient biplanes, the Royal Navy crippled the Italian Fleet at their base in Taranto and regained naval superiority in the Mediterranean. This action was closely observed by the Japanese, who used it as a successful blueprint for Pearl Harbor.

7. How the Royal Navy helped to win the Battle of Britain

Whilst never taking anything away from “The Few”, this shows that there were many thousands of participants in the Battle of Britain - including the Royal Navy. It also illustrates how superior planning, equipment and Lady Luck ensured victory!

8. Sailors in the Trenches

This is the extraordinary story of the Royal Naval Division in World War 1. Formed of sailors who fought as infantrymen at Gallipoli and the Western Front, this was a unique military formation that had to fight 2 enemies - the Germans and the British Army High Command! Now almost completely forgotten, this is a story that should be told as we remember the Great War.

9. “Beloved, Respected and Lamented”

Captain William Bligh - a name that has resonated down the years. How, and why, did the “Mutiny on the Bounty” happen, and was he the cruel man that many books and films have portrayed? This lecture shows that he was the victim of 18th Century spin - which has stuck.

10. The Waterways and Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgewood was not only a pottery manufacturer, but also a man of genius who embraced the emerging technology of his time. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the English Canals - which were an integral part of the 18th Century Industrial Revolution. He also invented the concept of "BOGOF"! (Buy One Get One Free!)

More to come .....

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